Super Science Kit 6 in 1

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What about including 6 science kits in 1? Super Science Kit 6 in 1 includes a huge number of experiments for kids such as creating a fun tornado or launching a chemical rocket! Children will have fun for a long time while discovering the amazing world of biology, chemistry, physics and geology.

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What you will learn:

  • How to make coloured owers and how to collect fingerprints.
  • How to separate mixtures and how to make bombastic chemical explosions.
  • How to simulate the formation of a mountain and how to represent an amazing volcanic eruption.
  • How to make a Newton disc and how to put a pulley working.
  • How to build your own galaxy and a spacial exploration vehicle and much more.

It includes up to 120 experiments for kids such as two educational books with 36 pages each of them.

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