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The word skeleton derives from Greek and means "dried body" and it's what supports most animal bodies. It provides strength and resistance to the body, allows its movement and also covers and protects internal organs.

Contrary to popular belief, vertebrates are not the only animals to have skeletons.
Some invertebrates also have skeletons, although they are not the same type as the one found in humans. It is possible to note certain differences within these two types of skeleton.

The majority of the vertebrates have backbones and their skeletons are made of bone, while invertebrates rarely have backbones and their exoskeleton is usually external and made of hard substance, such as chitin (in arthropods) or calcium compounds (in corals and mollusks).

What you will learn:

- How your skeleton is out together.
- What joints are and what they are used for.
- About the function of bones.
- About the human skeletal changes throughout life.

Each box set includes:

- 47 Wooden Pieces.
- Gouache set (pack of 6).
- Brush.
- Educational Book.

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