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About Science4you


is an innovative European toy's company that develops, produces and sells educational and scientific toys which provide experiments for kids.

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Science4you's Mission

Raise people’s awareness for science and showing them how it can be used in daily life, amongst children and society in general.


Science4you's Vision

Improve educational standards in society by developing toys and games allowing children to learn while playing, in a simple and intuitive way!


Science4you's Values


What are our toys

Science4you offers a wide variety of Scientific and Educational Toys that are included into some collections depending on their educational purpose. It means that children will be able to have loads of fun while learning all about some different fields such as Science, Chemistry, Physics, Astrology, Agronomy, Ecology, Paleontology, and much more.

All Science4you's Scientific and Educational Toys are included into the STEM Toys category which helps kids gain knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by stimulating their skills while they are playing.

One of the main aims of Science4you is developing educational toys that combine fun with education by fostering curiosity as well as improve essential skills in kids for their growth. Consequently, all Science4you's toys include the Brain Activator stamp which indicates the educational skills developed by playing with every scientific and educational toy of Science4you. It is divided into eight different categories: Concentration; Creativity; Learning; Manual Skills; Memory; Reasoning; Social Skills; and Vocabulary.

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