From thousand of years ago, people have studied not only planets and stars out of our Earth, but also the tiniest things in our world which help us to understand how the World works. Our purpose is to encourage kids to learn and be interested in it with our educational toys. Science4you have developed some telescopes and microscopes so that kids will have fun looking out of the window at their room with family and friends, preparing their own astronomy events once night time comes, or discovering how cells and microorganisms are with our science toys!

In that collection, the toys you will be able to find are: telescopes which allows the little ones to have their own astronomical observatory at home and get marvelled by our galaxy; microscopes that will open kid's appetite for the tiny worlds around us; and our science of the universe kit, which show them how it is and how it was formed.nd your child’s knowledge of the universe and make him curious about the secrets of the universe while gazing the sky. Become a real scientist with our educational toys!