We want to teach children about astronomy through our educational and fun games. With our telescope the little ones will be able to have their own astronomical observatory at home and get marvelled by our galaxy. 

Science4you telescope is the ideal age appropriate present for children who love space and who want to study planets, stars and other celestial objects . With Science4you telescope for kids will learn different pedagogic values like memory, concentration and reasoning.

Children will have fun alone, looking out of the window at their room or with family and friends, preparing their own astronomy events once nighttime comes.

Science4you’s telescope comes with an educational book with fun facts about the space and exciting descriptions of the solar system, the constellations and planets. Whether an astronaut or an astronomer, the telescope available at our online store will expand your child’s knowledge of the universe and make him curious about the secrets of the universe while gazing the sky.

Science4you’s microscopes will open children’s appetite for the tiny worlds around us. Their lightweight options, meaning they can be taken anywhere and they have a simple magnification system. Also, our microscope for kids comes with an exciting book with lots of hands-on experiments and accessible price.

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