Physics is the science that studies nature’s phenomenons, matters motion through space and time as well as concepts like energy and force. Teaching physics at school can be difficult since with such complex and distant concepts children can be difficult to motivate, with this physics kits of  Science4you children will understand physic concepts through playing and having fun. It will also encourage kids to learn more about it by observing, measuring, interpreting results and controlling variables. Science4you physics kits have a very strong educational focus and they intend to stimulate the interest and curiosity of the little ones with real world physics problems. In definitive terms, the physic kit toys developed by Science4you show that many every day life objects can be explained by physics.

How do you generate, propagate and amplify sound and how electromagnetism works are some of the physics facts that can be learnt by playing the experiments for kids included in the Physics Kits of Science4you. You can find these and other toys on our online toy shop.