Science4you has designed a special line of ecology toys aimed to stimulate children’s curiosity and interest about topics such as renewable energy, ecology and environmental protection.

With the ecology toy line children will be able to learn about growing plants, herbs and fruits and they'll be able to do it on the classroom, at the backyard or even in the bedroom. Soil, sunshine, water, seeds and science is all kids will need in order to make their own gardens. All of these ecology toys come with educational booklets that will teach children how to plant watermelons, strawberries, melons and even make their own milkshakes and ice cream. With the Flower Factory they will learn how to grow flowers, change their colours and even make scented bags.

Science4you ecology toy line also offers solar powered toys, with them children will learn about different types of renewable energy and how a solar panel works, while building their own solar car and plane.

Discover our ecology and solar powered toy line at our online store.