Chemistry sets offer fantastic science experiments for kids who like a hands-on approach when learning about this field of science. We usually don’t realise how important chemistry is and how it is presented it is in our daily life. Science4you believes the best way to learn science is through playing, so our science toys have a very deep educational focus. By increasing curiosity and children’s interest for scientific themes we try to increase their love for science. Science4you has created several toys with chemistry experiments that allow kids to delve deep into certain themes in a dynamic and fun way. All Chemistry sets come with an educational booklet with several curiosities about different themes, making it easy to stimulate and motivate children to learn new scientific concepts in original ways.

Building a volcano or making delicious cupcakes and chocolate lollipops are just some of the experiments that our chemistry sets allow. All of our chemistry experiments for kids surely guarantee loads of fun times with parents and friends. Discover our fantastic and fun chemistry sets on our online toy shop.