Build and play toys, like the Dinosaur Excavation toys Science4you comercializes encourage children to actively explore the world around them while developing their imagination and improving their cognitive and motor skills. With this line of toys Science4you gives you the chance to turn kids into little explores, paleontologists and archaeologists and make their dreams come true. 

Science4you dinosaur and gems excavation kits help improve children’s cognitive and motor abilities while they learn about fossils, architecture and other type of structures.  With these dinosaur excavation kit children will uncover whole dinosaur fossils with their digging tools and brush. They will be then able to ensemble them into one recognizable dinosaur shape, there are many to discover and there’s also beautiful gemstones in this collections.   

This kits are excellent ways to combine science, education and fun. Help your child enter the new world with our line of Dinosaur Excavation kits.