It's World Elephant Day!

Today we celebrate World Elephant Day and on this occasion we're going to give you a list of curiosities about these fascinating animals! 


World Elephant Day - Science4you


 Did you know…

… When elephants sense danger, they form a circle where the stronger ones protect the weacker

… One elephant's gestation takes up to 22 months (almost 2 years!)

… They have fear of bees

… Of all the land animals, elephants have the biggest brain

… You can tell an african elephant from an asian one by its size: the african elephant is not only taller but also has bigger ears!

… At birth they weight about 100 Kg althought males can reach 120 Kg!

… They are able to store up to 10 liters of water on their trunk!

… African elephants live, on average, 60 years

… When elephants cross their trunks its a sign of affection between them. They are very sociable animals!

… Elephants have an amazing memory! They're able to remember a person or another elephant for years


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