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Halloween is coming and you need to start practicing your tricks for the scariest day of the year! Do you want to win an Explosive Science kit? Than fill the form for a chance to win:



Good luck and have a scary Halloween!

Open from 18th to 26th of October 2016. Only one entry for person. The winner will be randomly selected from a list with the valid entries. The award will be sent until one month after the winner is selected.

Discoverting the Human Body!

Scientist, today we will learn a little more about the large and complex human body!


The human body consists of several systems: digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, muscular, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, bone and cutaneous. Each of these systems involves the responsible organs for carrying out the vital functions of our body.


Did you know ...

 ... your nose can remember over 50 thousand different smells?

... after we eat, our hearing is less sharp?

... the two strongest muscles in the human body are our tongue and the muscle of the jaw?

... our eyes can distinguish about 10 million different colours?

... babies have more bones than adults 60? Weird isn’t it?

... when babies are born, they only see in black and white?

... the useful life of a human hair is, on average, 3 to 7 years?

... women's eyes blink twice as often as men?

... the brain has the ability to read a thousand words per minute?

... our eyes are always the same size after being born?


This is very curious, right?


If you want to find out more facts about the amazing machine that is our body, our Toy Human Body is perfect for you!


human body science4you


What do you know about fingerprints?

In today's post we will talk about the fingerprints, do you know what they are? Let's investigate!


Did you know...

... we can find our fingerprints on the tip of our fingers? They are those drawings formed by small elevations of the skin which are called papillae.

... though there are thousands of people in the world, there is a feature that is always different in each person: the fingerprint. Neither the twins have the same fingerprints!

... as this feature is so unique, it is used in identification documents as in the case of the Citizen Card.

... fingerprints are used to identify people who commit crimes? As we touch objects, we leave our fingerprints on them. So the police when investigating will seek fingerprints to be able to identify the person faster!

... One Fingerprint Analyst is a person whose job is to identify a fingerprint? It analyzes and compares the available prints, identifying the owner of each.

... Fingerprints results from the genetic influence and movements that babies do when they are in the womb?

... Our fingerprints begin to be developed when we are still in the belly of our mothers? It is just about three months.


Now that you know a few things about fingerprints, it's time for you to put your knowledge into practice and become the Fingerprint Analyst of your house. Try the Fingerprint Kit - Criminal Investigation and begin your investigations!


Fingerprints Science4you

It's World Elephant Day!

Today we celebrate World Elephant Day and on this occasion we're going to give you a list of curiosities about these fascinating animals! 


World Elephant Day - Science4you


 Did you know…

… When elephants sense danger, they form a circle where the stronger ones protect the weacker

… One elephant's gestation takes up to 22 months (almost 2 years!)

… They have fear of bees

… Of all the land animals, elephants have the biggest brain

… You can tell an african elephant from an asian one by its size: the african elephant is not only taller but also has bigger ears!

… At birth they weight about 100 Kg althought males can reach 120 Kg!

… They are able to store up to 10 liters of water on their trunk!

… African elephants live, on average, 60 years

… When elephants cross their trunks its a sign of affection between them. They are very sociable animals!

… Elephants have an amazing memory! They're able to remember a person or another elephant for years


Science4you Scores New Listings With Toy Market Leaders


After annoucing the great results obtained during 2016's first semester, Science4you is now continuing its global succes with the help of more partners.

 New Business Partners Science4you


The launching of new products and exportation were the two main factors for the good performance of the company – Science4you reached a growth of 211% (1.1 million Euros) YoY, only on external markets.

Spain, the UK and Poland were the three main invoicing markets, being the latter the surprise of the bunch with two orders totalling half a million Euros.

Also in the reviewed period, Science4you sent the first containers under the agreements reached at the beginning of this year – highlighting China, Australia, Singapore and Canada - which reinforces the brand’s expansion worldwide.

For the next semester the company is going to enter the Dutch market and will reinforce its presence in Germany, Italy and France, at the same time it’ll launch special projects within the British and Spanish markets.


Of course, this wouldn't be possible without the support of Science4you's incredible partners! 
Toys R Us, Auchan, Aldi, Lidl, Jouet Club, Intertoys, Toys XL, Dreamland, John Lewis, Tesco, Smyths, Harrods, Hamleys, Carrefour, Eleclerc, Biedronka and many more helped Science4you reach this amazing results.



ToysRus Science4you  Harrods Science4you  Auchan Science4you  Aldi Science4you  Biedronka Science4you  
Carrefour Science4you  DreamLand Science4you  E.Leclerc Science4you  JouéClub Science4you  Lidl Science4you
  Intertoys Science4you  Smyths  Tesco Science4you  Hamleys Science4you  Toys XL Science4you
John Lewis Science4you  
August 05, 2016


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Science4you grows more than 120% in the first semester

Science4you, the portuguese toy company, has ended the first semester of the year with positive results: a business volume of 3.4 million Euros and a growth of more than 120% YoY.


Science4you growth


These figures are in line with the predictions of the brand for 2016, as Science4you has the goal to close the present year with values between 18 and 20 million Euros, which will represent a growth of about 82%, considering that in 2015 the brand ended the year with sales of more than 11 million Euros.

New toys for 2016! Back to School and Christmas editions

Science4you is launching new toys in 2016! Take an exclusive look at some of them here:



Paper Air Machines toy | Science4you


     Paper Robots toy | Science4you

Cupcake Factory - Science4you toys games fun      Yogurt Factory - Science4you games toys kids fun



Magnetic Factory - Science4you toys games kids fun 

junior building 4 em 1 toy jogo | Science4you
motorcicle toy jogo | Science4you  helicopter jogo toy | Science4you  Car toy jogo | Science4you  PLANE TOY GAME JOGO | SCIENCE4YOU


crazy race toy jogo | Science4you


Why buy Science4you toys?
At Science4you we believe in innovation and are always trying to identify the latest trends on educational games and what can be done to help kids learn through playing. And because learning doesn’t need to be boring, Science4you develops the most fun and educational toys your kids can have!
We like to encourage a hands-on knowledge for every kid and for that we have a team of specialists creating toys and experiences that make kids develop their skills, to prepare them for the future ahead! Games like science kits, puzzles, quizzes and logic games are a good tool to increase your children’s logical and critical thinking, stimulate their curiosity and become more aware of their surroundings.
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