Why should we choose sweet potato over potato?

Why should we choose sweet potato over potato?

Since today is the Sweet Potato Day, we have “cooked” a interesting article where you could learn a little bit more about this delicious tubercle!

But first, did you know that there are two types of potatoes, little scientist? The white potato and the sweet one, one really good and another one not as good… Could you guess what each of them is? Keep reading to find it out. We are going to help you choose your next garniture!

How everything started

Potato is a tubercle which was discovered in Central and South America when Europeans arrived and saw how indigenes cultivated them, bringing them to Europe in the 16th century.

Have you noticed that potatoes can have different colours? It is produced by A vitamin, which gives potatoes a wide range of colours from white to yellow, red and even orange or pink! Do not get shocked if you see one with a different colour, little scientist!

But… what is the healthiest?

Sweet potato is, without no doubt, the best garniture for our dishes! Be careful and do not get confused by its name, little scientist, as having ‘sweet’ into its name does not means that it could not be health! In fact, the support of nutritional values (A and C vitamins, calcium, phosphor and steel) is higher comparing with white potato, so it is healthier! So, finally, we could name it The Good Potato.

Advantages and… more advantages!

Regarding to some research made by those people who are experts in this field, nutritionists, white potato and sweet potato both do have the same amount of calories, but a different types of carbon hydrates. White potatoes contain fast absorbed carbon hydrates which are quickly added to our blood, while sweet potatoes’ carbon hydrates absorption is slower, taking much more time to become fat.

Moreover, sweet potato has other benefits for your body: it fortifies your immune system, reduce your cholesterol due to its quantity if fibre and not only that, it also helps you to maintain your articulation and cartilages health as well as combat the aging! There are only advantages, little scientist!

Why do not cook a little bit and try new dishes with this new garniture, little scientist? Have a try and do not feel shy to tell how it was! We will be glad to hear and try your recipe!


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