Do you know why science is so important in our lifes?

Do you know why science is so important in our lifes?

Do you know why we love science, little scientist? Because it is highly important in our life! Keep reading and discover why it is!

Why is science so important in our life?

As you might already know, we are completely surrounded by science, since everything we now have was directly or indirectly discovered thank to it. Consequently, science has an essential importance in some sectors!

Scientific research is such an important area since it allows us to develop medicines, vaccines, and many more treatments which there aren’t 50 years ago. However, it is also applied in a lot of other areas such as civil construction, technology, telecommunications, aeronautic and so on.

You may be wondering how you can learn science easily, don’t you little scientist? Well, Science4you have lot of educational toys in different scientific areas as geology, chemistry, biology and many more! Playing with them you will be able to learn not only how to make the fun experiments, but also some surprising scientific facts that you wouldn’t notice anyway!

Why do we commemorate the Science Day?

Last Friday, 24 of October, we celebrated the Science Day. Its main objective was to increase the science’s awareness among people as well as point out the labour of science and scientist on our life, establish new future goals and encourage young people to get immerse themselves into science. So, what about you, little scientist? Would you fancy joining us?

Furthermore, in November, the World Science Day for Peace was also fixed by UNESCO in order to promote science among youth. During this couple of days, the Science Day and the World Science Day for Peace, there are many activities organised by scientific organisations at the streets and schools. Did you enjoy some of them? You can also watch some really good and entertaining scientific films such as Gattaca.

What exactly is science?

This word come from the lateen word “scientia”, whose meaning is “knowledge” or “wisdom”.

Science represents all knowledge acquired by studying and practising principles previously studied. Generally, it includes some wisdom which scientific theories are set from.

Main benefits of science to children’s growth 

  • Develop our reasoning.
  • Help to understand the World.
  • Explain natural phenomenon.
  • Raise awareness of preservation.
  • Our life becomes more interesting.
  • Stimulate our creativity.
  • Encourage to research and discover.

Famous scientific quotes:

  • “There is a thing that a long existence taught me: all our science, comparing with the reality, is primitive and innocence; so it is our most valuable discover”. Albert Einstein.
  • “The end of Science is not opening the door to the endless wisdom, but defining limits to the endless mistakes”. Galileo.
  • “There are only to endless things: the Universe and human stupidity, but I am not quite sure about the first one”. Albert Einstein.
  • “Science explains nature and creates new worlds that we cannot notice with our senses”. Marcelo Gleiser.

What do you think about science little scientist? Are you looking forward carrying experiments and making new important discovers? Visit our page and start your science career with Science4you and who knows… maybe you will be able to be one of our scientists in future!


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