Why do we wake up before the alarm sets off?

Why do we wake up before the alarm sets off?

Have you ever waken up just few minutes or seconds before the alarm sets off, little scientist? Although you were exhausted or not, you sometimes wake up before it with no reason… Do you want to know why? Keep reading to find it out!

Something is happening in our brain…

Our brain is the responsible for that annoying phenomenon, concretely our Circadian Rhythm! But what is that?

The Circadian Rhythm is a system inside our brains which contains a group of nerves, called suprachiasmatic nucleus, whose function is to supervise our corporal clock. Consequently, it determines when we need to sleep or wake up through controlling our blood pressure, corporal temperature, and many other aspects of our body.

Our routines…

Did you already notice that it is more usually during the school year, little scientist? It’s not a coincidence… It is explained by the fact that our body is used to following daily routines, which means that if you went to bed and woke up at the same hour everyday, your body would adapt and turned into an automatic behaviour.

Our sleep cycle is controlled by a hormone called Adrenocorticotropic which main taks is to give advice to our body that she must sleep, so when our levels or ACTH are low, we feel we need to sleep. It also reduces our arterial pressure and cardiac frequency to help us to sleep, as well as active our body when we usually wake up, following a daily routine. In addition, our body also liberates some stress hormones such as Cortisol in order to prepare ourselves to hear the alarm and wake up. Therefore, our dreams turn less deep when the hour to wake up is nearing.

To conclude, our body hates the alarm clock, so once it knows when the alarm is going to sets off, it awakes us to avoid being woken up.

Alarm clocks

Some curiosities:

  • Did you know that if you don’t wake up before the alarm sets off, it could mean that you don’t sleep enough time.
  • Lack of sleep hours could be harming for our health, provoking illnesses and changes of humour.
  • The snooze button could be our worst enemy! When we press it, we are ordering our body to keep sleeping, while it had already started creating hormones to wake up. All of this could confuse our body, taking risks of waking up later but grumpy!

How many hours do you sleep, little scientist? Are they enough for you? You should notice if you wake up before the alarm clock sets off or not and what it is your mood depending on it! It will help you to be happier and healthier, so share your new advices and tips with your friends!


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