Right and left handed. Why do we use just one hand?

Why do we use just one hand?

Depending on the hand we normally use to develop our task we can be defined as right or left handed, but… Why do we use just one hand? Keep reading to find it out as well as some facts about the Left-Handers Day, little scientist!

Why is today Left-Handers Day?

Finding it difficult to cut paper exactly how you want to or just having to rotate the sheet to be able to write properly. These are some of the daily dilemmas that left-handed usually face to…

Regarding to this day, left-handers day, everything began in 1992, when the British club Left-Handers proposed today to be celebrated as The Left-Handers Day in order to take the eye of the a World who was (and is still) mainly adapted to right-handers.

Writing, painting, cutting, or using the computer’s mouse are day-to-day activities which the majority of us make just with one hand, right or left. If you use right hand for your daily activities, you are a right-hander as the 90% of the World’s population. However, if you usually use your left hand… you belong to the 10% of left-handers who exist in the World! Which group do you belong to, little scientist?

Did you know that…

Our brain is divided into two big hemispheres: the right one, in charge of sensorial and emotional activities, and the left one, responsible for analytic reasoning. As you should already know, human body is complex, so is our brain. To prove that, we only have to read some scientific research and realise that our body’s movements are controlled by the opposite part of our brain, what means that if you are moving your left hand, the right brain’s hemisphere is working and vice versa.

Human Brain

What about left-handed people?

You should wondering if there are differences between right and left-handers, don’t you little scientist? Actually, we can find some scientific research which show that left-handers are more imaginative, they think quicker and have a better capacity to solve tough daily problems. Don’t worry, you are not an idiot if you are a right-hander. They just have these abilities because there is a higher brain’s stimulation in left-handers’ one as they use both hemispheres while right-handed people barely use one.

According to those results, it is believed that left-handers are more likely to become a genius! Since some of the most important genius of the history such as Albert Einstein, Alfred Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci or Ludwig Van Beethoven were left handers. Nowadays, famous and important personalities are also left-handers, such as Barack Obama, Paul McCartney, or even our Prince Carlos and The Queen Isabel II!!

A big recent discovering …

Last February, a new research showed that being left or right hander is directly related with the spinal cord and not with the brain, as most of people thought.

The most widespread theory upholds that the tendency of using one or another hand could be known from the eighth week of the foetal gestation by observing the hand’s movement of the foetus. Those movements are produced by the cerebral cortex and sent to the spinal cord to be converted into real movements.

However, this theory can’t be sustained as the cerebral cortex and the spine cord are not tied since the beginning of the foetus’ formation, although hands’ movements start before that ligation is completely built up.

What hand do you usually use, little scientist? Whatever you use, you already know a lot about left-handed people and how we become into right or left handers! However there are people who can use both hands… but we will write about that in future post. Meanwhile, search on your own to discover more about the marvellous (and complex) human body!


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