Why do we swing our arms while we are walking?

Why do we swing our arms while we are walking?

Today we are going to share with you a question we have talking about last day, little scientist, why do we swing our arms while we are walking? You might have already noticed that we always swing them unwittingly, but do you want to know why? Keep reading to find it out!

Why do we move our arms…

We noticed that there has been lot of theories about it, but none of them seems to be completely right. That is the reason why a group of researchers of the University of Michigan decided to carry some research to find it out. They thought that the best could be making some experiments in order to evaluate every single aspect of our way of walk.

Move arms an walking

The experiment…

Those researchers decided to study how ten random people walked. These are the results they obtained:

  • There are some people who walk swinging their arms like the majority of us.
  • But there were also some people who did not do that. Their arms did not move anything.

Then, they also decided to make some mechanics tests to find out the hidden mystery. However, the solution was more obvious and simpler than they had thought! We move our arms to save energy, little scientist! They discovered that moving our arms while walking implies a significant save of energy to our body!

The conclusion…

You may be wondering how we can save energy by moving our arms. Certainly, our arms’ movement help allow our muscles to work less, since they do not have to work to make our arms swing.

This is a completely natural movement, but if we wanted to keep them quiet, our muscles would be in tension, so they would be spending energy… The main reason of that fact is that we would be interfering between a natural movement, so we would be wasting some energy that we do not if we allow them to swing.

To conclude, during every daily walk, we could fall and be injured because of a loose balance. However, if we swing our arms, we are keeping our balance unconsciously. Consequently, our legs’ muscles are more relaxed since they do not have to work to maintain it, and they can save energy.

Some curiosities:

  • If we kept our arms up, we would spend a 12% more of energy than usual. It means walking a 20% quicker or taking a 10kg backpack!
  • If we swung our arms synchronized with our legs, we would be spending more energy!
  • Moreover, if we do not allow our arms to swing free, it could injury us on our back

Now you can look at people to see if they swing their arms, and it they do not… help them saving energy! Keep paying attention to our blog to find more scientific tips and facts, and, if you think it is interesting…share it with your friends!


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