Why do we get red when we are embarrassed?

Why do get red

Giving a public speech, hearing a compliment, making a mistake, falling down in front of a crowd, seeing someone we love… We all fell embarrassed in some way on these occasions, and, for sure, have ever been in one of these situations when we would like to hide as an ostrich.

Today we are going to explain you why we get so red that we seem as though we are just about to blow up on these situations, little scientist.

A blood-adrenaline mix

Getting red is an involuntary action that happens when our brain perceives something out of our comfort zone… If we start feeling embarrassed, our cardiac rhythm begins to boost and our blood vessels to widen, which produces an increase of adrenaline into our body. That changes into our body cause that the blood vessels in our face widen so much that we start getting red.

But, why does the width of our blood vessels occur? Well, the answer is that there is a release of hormones on these situations, so an improvement of the blood flow is needed in order delivers more oxygen.

Our body is the boss

As it is explained, blushing is involuntary, but do you know what is it commanded by? It is called sympathetic nervous system and is a part of our autonomic nervous system, responsible for controlling the involuntary actions of our body. That is why we hardly ever are able to avoid some of our actions as getting red. Your body is your boss, little scientist!

Curiosities about our nervous system

Now you already know why we blush, let us tell you some tips about our nervous system:

  • We can blush from few minutes to many hours! It depends on how much our body last to restore the hormonal balance.
  • Our brain is divided into two hemispheres, right and left; Our right hemisphere controls the body’s left side and the left hemisphere, the right one.
  • Every year, we lose neurons.
  • Some types of tea, caffeine and chocolate stimulate our nervous system.
  • Almost the 20% of the oxygen we breath is consumed by our brain

    By this time you might have noticed that our brain is a really complicated organ and it causes some reactions like blushing in some situations. Now you should know what is happening the next time it occurs to you, little scientist!


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