Why are my ears burning?

Why are my ears burning?

Do you know why our ears get red and start burning suddenly, little scientist?  The reason is inside us! Keep reading to discover what happens in our body that produces it!

Why do our ears blush?

It is directly related to our nervous system, since some changes could provoke an increase of the blood pressure. Our ears have lot blood vessels apart from a really tight skin layer, which is the cause that, when the blood pressure increases, we could see the red colour of the blood through our ears’ skin.

Consequently, our ears get hotter due to the presence of a higher quantity of blood. At the end of this process, whereby the blood vessels wide and our nervous system send more blood, our ears blush, beginning from the bottom (the lobe).

This dilatation phenomenon also occurs in some specific situations if our mood changes. For example, have you ever felt it when you are nervous, ashamed or humiliated, little scientist? But not only these, it also happens because of illnesses,  fury, allergies and hormonal imbalances in our body.


  • High temperature also causes this phenomenon.
  • Ears NEVER stop growing.
  • Ears are composed by cartilages.
  • Ears’ lobes control the temperature of them.

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