The creatures with which we live but we don’t know about

The creatures with which we live but we don’t know about

We usually believe that we already know everything in the World, but are you sure little scientist? Sometimes we find ourselves shocked due to some news where appear really strange animals which nobody exactly knows who they are. If you want to discover some of the strangest creatures which we live with but we don’t know… keep reading!

What we mean with “creatures”?

First, we should know that there is not a specific number of different animals that exist in our world, but it is estimated between to be between 3 and 30 million of species! Moreover, around 20.000 new species are discovered every year, so, do you still think we know all of them?

That is the reason why we get shocked lots of times with some rare animals which are not usually seen. However, there are some which are even so stranger that seem to be a myth. These are called “creatures”, as nobody knows how to call them when they are seen.

What creatures have been discovered recently?

During last days, a photo of a really uncommon animal has been shared on Twitter by Preeti Desai of the National Audobon Society. This animal seems to be unknown since nobody knows what it is, even though it seems to be extraterrestrial due to its appearance with no eyes, a mouth of razor-sharp teeth and a large cylinder-shaped body.

Strange creature after Hurricane Harvey

After some guessing, the strongest scientist’s opinion is that it might be a fang tooth snake-eel, also known as the tusky eel, which is native to the Gulf of Mexico. Furthermore, there are other theories, as it could also be a in another eel family - either the garden or conger eels. Do you have any other idea little scientists?

More creatures…

There are lots of animals we don’t know yet, and one of the proofs is the “creatures” that are found every some years. For example, in 2011 a mystery creature washed up on a Japanese beach. Nobody knew what it was, since it had the shape of a small whale but, when they were closer, they realised it actually had a surface resembling rocks. What it was? Some scientists propounded the theory that it wasn’t an animal, while others upheld that it was some kind of deep-sea-animal.

Apart from that, in 2015 another completely uncommon fish was spotted in an island of California. The fish was extremely thin and long (17 feet), and nobody could give an answer of what they were seeing.


Finally, after some discussion, some scientists discovered that it was an oarfish, a kind of extremely rare fish who live into the deep sea. This kind of fish is so uncommon that are seen once each so much years that not many people remember it when they see it again! The main fact why is too difficult to see them is that they live, at least, 300 feet below the water surface.


  • It seems is not strange finding these kind of creatures after catastrophes, since the two first have been found just after the Hurricane Harvey (the “eel”) and the Tsunami in Japan (the “whale-rock shaped”).
  • Oarfish are also known as “earthquake predictors” because, in recent years, some of them have appeared in some places just few days an earthquake shook it.
  • It is believed that less than the 20% of the World’s species have been recorded by scientists.
  • Oarfish are the longest bony fish in the world, and they don’t have scales.

You have already learnt about some weird animals that can be found in our world! So you can start looking into that creatures and start becoming a biologist who discovers new species! If you want to search, don’t forget tell us what other creatures you fin!


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