Do you know what is the most intelligent animal in the World?

Do you know what is the most intelligent animal in the World?

Have you ever wondered what is the most intelligent animal in the World, little scientist? Everyone think that dolphin, or elephant, is the most intelligent, but…. What if they aren’t? Find out here which animal is more intelligent than any other!

So, what is the most intelligent animal in the World?

Actually, there is not an agreement between scientists about this topic, since, as you might already know, humans are offspring of monkey, so there are other primates (orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzees, etc…) whose intelligence is also high. However, there are other animals that are really intelligent, little scientist!


Primates - Intelligent Animals

Regarding to different tests and experiments, it was discovered that some primates had a really high intelligence. In fact, they have an excellent communication, an amazing memory, the ability to adapt to their environment, and they can even learn how to use some tools! But the most astonishing result was finding out that some orangutans got to create cape for rain after being put back into nature!


Pig - Intelligent Animals

Are you surprised, little scientist? That’s it! Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals in the World. Certainly, some research shows that pigs can be as intelligent as a 3 years old baby! It means that they can be even more intelligent than cats and dogs… Apart from that, they also use an specific language to communicate to each other, with up to 20 different sounds.


Dolphin - Intelligent Animals

It is known that dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals in nature, apart of being one of the most loved… Coming back to intelligence terms, it has been shown that they use a specific language to communicate, although it hasn’t been decoded yet. Moreover, they can also show their feelings! However, what is probably the most shocking capacity of these cetaceous, is that only half of their brain sleeps, while the another middle is still awake and aware of potential dangers.


Octopus - Intelligent Animals

They are the most intelligent invertebrate! We all know their fantastic abilities to escape from their enemies, being able to detect them lot of time before they arrive. In addition, they are capable of changing their appearance to escape from predators, since they learn habits and behaviour of old octopus since they are born.


Elephant - Intelligent Animals

Of course elephants have to be in this list! These majestic animals, offspring from prehistorical mammoths, are extremely empathetic, and establish hierarchies when they are in a group. But it is not their only abilities, as they are able to use tools to find food, identify and imitate sounds, and even show their feelings! Finally, it is also known that these pachyderms have a prodigious memory and they can remember individually each of the members of their group as well as some really large ways!


  • Primates’ DNA has some similar sequences with the human’s DNA.
  • Elephants make funeral rituals and sometimes they visit their relative’s tombs.
  • Pigs are really scrupulous, since they keep their bathroom far from the zone where they usually live in.
  • Pigs and elephants are capable of understand how miracles work.
  • An octopus can open a jar and tighten a screw.
  • Female elephants can identify which plants induce to birth.

Did you already guess some of them, or you are completely surprised? Surely you will not ever look at them in the same way! Tell us what other animals yoy think that are as intelligent as these ones!


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