Should we worry about the danger of asteroids?

should we worry about the danger of asteroids?

Happy Asteroids World Day!

Today is the first ever time that Asteroid World Day is officially celebrated, so why don’t we learn about asteroids, little scientist?

The United Nations decided to mark today as the Asteroid World Day, although it has been celebrated unofficially since 2015, to raise the people’s awareness about the danger of an asteroid impact on Earth.

Why today?

Today has been chosen as on this day, in 1908, there was a big impact of an 80-metres asteroid impact in the Siberian Zone of Tunguska (Russia). The asteroid did not reached the ground since it exploded in our atmosphere, though it burned up tress further than 2,000 km as well as smashed windows and pushed down people in a radio of 400km!

Furthermore, nights become so much lighter during some days that reading a book at night without needing a bulb light was possible, could you imagine that little scientist?!

What about asteroids nowadays?

All of us know the theory of the extinction of dinosaurs, how it was possible? Actually, asteroids are even more powerful than we imagine. Did you know that the speed’s average of an asteroid is 90,000 km/h? So a 10-metres asteroid could have the same power as an atomic bomb!

Nevertheless, we are protected by our atmosphere, where asteroids normally disintegrate due to the friction with the cap. In fact, shooting stars are asteroids which penetrate into the atmosphere and disintegrate, creating a fire ball rarely impact with the ground.

Scientists are really interested in asteroids, because they usually contain a extremely rare material which is really difficult to find in Earth: iridium. It is normally used to create metal pieces of the highest quality, so if someday you find one, preserve it little scientist!


The Asteroid Belt

The asteroid belt is a disc of asteroids located roughly between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars, but it is not full, in fact many empty spaces between one asteroid and the next one have been discovered in the last few years.

The top four bigger asteroids in the belt are Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Hygiea with diameters around 500 km! But the most shocking one is Ceres, whose diameter is 950 km, bigger tan some countries such as Bahrain, Singapore and Malta!

Here are some curiosities about the Asteroid Belt:

  •  The asteroids are mainly formed by rocks and huge pieces of ice.
  • Some of then even have satellites, as we have the Moon.
  • More than the 90% of asteroids found in Earth come from the Belt.
  • It is believed that was formed by the destruction of a planet.
  • Are you now more intrigued by astrology? Why don’t you study them by your own? Maybe you will discover a new one, little scientist!


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