What do you know about fingerprints?

In today's post we will talk about the fingerprints, do you know what they are? Let's investigate!


Did you know...

... we can find our fingerprints on the tip of our fingers? They are those drawings formed by small elevations of the skin which are called papillae.

... though there are thousands of people in the world, there is a feature that is always different in each person: the fingerprint. Neither the twins have the same fingerprints!

... as this feature is so unique, it is used in identification documents as in the case of the Citizen Card.

... fingerprints are used to identify people who commit crimes? As we touch objects, we leave our fingerprints on them. So the police when investigating will seek fingerprints to be able to identify the person faster!

... One Fingerprint Analyst is a person whose job is to identify a fingerprint? It analyzes and compares the available prints, identifying the owner of each.

... Fingerprints results from the genetic influence and movements that babies do when they are in the womb?

... Our fingerprints begin to be developed when we are still in the belly of our mothers? It is just about three months.


Now that you know a few things about fingerprints, it's time for you to put your knowledge into practice and become the Fingerprint Analyst of your house. Try the Fingerprint Kit - Criminal Investigation and begin your investigations!


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