Breast Cancer, how can we prevent it?

Breast Cancer, how can we prevent it?

Today is the Day against Breast Cancer. Unfortunately, all of us know that cancer because preventing it means one of the most spread worry of nowadays. In Science4you, we want to give some advice that can help to prevent it, and that is something we all must know deeper, little scientist!

What is the Breast Cancer?

You might have already heard about this terrifying issue which affects to lots of women around the World, have you little scientist? But, what is it exactly? Our cells live as microorganisms and when they get older or get damaged, they die. The healthiest ones continue living and splitting into new cells if necessary, but if the dead ones also continue dividing itself as though they would be still alive, then cancer appears… Due to the expansion of dead cells, other healthy ones get contaminated and provoke cancer.

Tips to prevent it:

  • Maintain a stable weight: Some research found that overweight people are more likely to suffer this horrible disease.
  • Practise exercise: Keeping yourself active and fit is essential to maintain your weight as well as avoid some diseases and pains, so consequently, it will help to prevent cancer.
  • Breast-feed: Did you know that women who breastfeed their babies for longer, take less risks of suffering from cancer?
  • Healthy nutrition: It is known that a healthy nutrition allows us prevent diseases as cancer.

Viral Campaign

The campaign “Know your lemons” was created by a young British designer whose grandmothers passed away after having faced breast cancer. When she tried to wise up about it, she discovered that lot of women were annually diagnosed. Inspired by that, she thought about a campaign, easily understandable, which concerns people and makes them aware of the real danger…. and here the campaign was created.

It is just a lemon box, but each of them shows a malformation that can appear in someone’s breast where cancer is starting to grow up. It was a really creative idea, don’t you think little scientist?

Know your lemons campaign


  • Although it mainly affects to women, men can also suffer from it.
  • If it is detected and treated from the beginning, around the 95% of cases are able to get over it successfully.
  • There are different types of breast cancer.
  • Around the 85% of women who suffered it, are completely recovered after 5 years.
  • A huge number of women were advised by the “Know your lemons” campaign, and they could notice something was going wrong in their breast thanks to it.
  • The Pink Ribbon Movement was a sensitization movement against breast cancer, which was born in the USA in the 90’s.
  • The cells which provoke cancer, come from cells which suffered DNA changes.

You already know what is this horrible issue which lot of brave women across the World are fighting against. Although you couldn’t do anything to help them, at least share your pink ribbon at show them you support, it will be more useful than you think, little scientist!


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