Do you know what wind energy is?

For sure you’ve already heard of wind power, one of the most common renewable energy out there! Renewable energy is clean and obtained through renewable sources, unlike the non-renewable energies (oil, coal, gas, etc.) that at its exploration pace, will not be able to be renewed and will become extinct during the course of the next 2 centuries. Renewable energy doesn’t emit pollutant gases or particles into the atmosphere thus not harming our health or the environment.

Many studies show how oil will be extinct in 75 years, gas in 100 years and coal in about 200 years from now and so, the need to find alternatives for these energy sources is of the utmost importance. Earth doesn’t run out of wind, so wind power is one of the main alternatives – as of now, 17% of electricity in use in the UK comes from wind power!

If you didn’t know, this is the process of wind power:
The wind makes the blades spin, thus creating energy. This energy is stored in a generator that sends electricity into the power grid, then making the distribution of electricity into our homes.

The blades are shaped like airplane’s wings – with an aerodynamic design, they are able to increase the ability to catch the wind power. To become more efficient, turbines must be placed in windy places and where there’s less chance of raining.

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