A homemade scientific Carnival

In spite of the Carnival kingdom being in Brazil, in the United Kingdom there are lots of alternatives. The main Carnival events usually take place in the course of February or early March; however the Notting Hill Carnival is an exception (August). This is the largest street festival in Europe and dates back to 1964. No matter the place or the time of the year, the Carnival is a festive season that embraces colourful parades, masquerades, street parties and so on.

And it is just around the corner! Nevertheless if you and your kids aren’t particularly into big festivities and don’t appreciate dressing up from head to toe, we have a few suggestions and ideas for you to celebrate Carnival“Science4you style”!

Do you already have any ideas and inspirations for the masquerades? No? We are going to tell you what our suggestion will require. You will only need four or five minutes, hair wax and our educational toy Chemistry 1000. This kit includes a scientist lab coat, safety goggles, protective gloves, measuring cups, Petri dishes, test tubes, food colouring (red, blue and yellow), magnesium sulphate, sodium carbonate and many other components. Shall we begin? First of all, they will just have to put on the lab coat, the glasses and the gloves; and then to place some hair wax, trying to create a very messy look. To conclude, ask your kids to try their worst, ugliest and most dreadful faces and expressions. There you have it: your little mad scientist, with such an easy and effortless project.

Attempt your own Carnival indoors with that same kit, Chemistry 1000. This educational toy includes more than 70 funny and entertaining scientific experiments. Just to reveal a few, your little ones are going to be taught about how to change the colour of different solutions, how to crystallize substances or to write a secret message through a chemical reaction. However, to celebrate this event well-known for its colours, joy, happiness and (friendly) pranks, we believe that the perfect and the ultimate kit is the Slimy Factory: Slippery Slugs from our Science collection. This award winning scientific toy has more than 15 experiments. Between these, the little scientists will find out how to produce fantastic slippery monsters. But that’s not everything! You can add silly play doh, coloured worms, the multiplying monster and many others.

Nevertheless, if your kids are more medicine enthusiasts, My First Medical Kit is the real deal and allows you to improvise another costume. This toy includes a lab coat, a surgical mask, a stethoscope, latex gloves, plastic syringes, x-rays (hand and foot) and a lot more. Not to mention the educational book that describes and explains more than 25 scientific experiments, teaching as well about medical equipment, the role and core functions of doctors, the human body and its systems.

Even if you aren’t particularly a Carnival admirer, this will be a softer way to commemorate it. The goal is to have quality moments with the family members, sharing pleasurable activities, having fun and, all the same, learning about the science subject in an entertaining and engaging way (not only kids but grown ups as well). What are you waiting for?

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Marina Youssef
Marina Youssef

February 02, 2016

We bought the perfume factory mini kit. Can you please send some clear steps , how we do it? Do we have to add some alcohols to the fragrance paper?

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