Last (but not least) minute Xmas shopping

Do you need last-minute Christmas suggestions for kids? We've got you covered! Science4you offers a great diversity of educational toys that any kid would love to receive as a Christmas gift.
Scientific studies demonstrate that if learning is triggered by a positive experience, it stimulates the brain to develop assorted capabilities. So be aware that Science4you products aren’t merely toys; they mingle leisure and knowledge, evolving certain skills that become crucial to the children’s development.

The “Science” collection engages children from six to fourteen years in subjects spanning many diverse scientific fields while having fun and performing hands-on experiments. The Sweet Factory is for instance one of Science4you’s must haves. This award winning toy explores science in a very dulcet manner. It instructs about how to do delicious and colourful sweets such as jelly sweets, lollipops, sweets of yogurt, marshmallow teacakes and homemade soft drinks, all experiments that will lead the little ones by their imagination flow.

The Slimy Factory: Slippery Slugs includes a lot of lab material and an educational book that guarantee a lot of gooey and slimy fun! With 17 experiments, kids can learn what atoms and molecules are and make yucky monsters, silly play dough, silly balls and colourful slugs.

But Science4you demonstrates that there’s also science behind any beauty department. The Lipstick Factory comprises all the materials that allow children to produce their own lipsticks and lip glosses in various colours and diverse fragrances. This kit includes an educational book that explains all the steps, methods and scientific phenomenon behind its six scientific experiments. Likewise, My First Spa comprises the substances and an educational book that explains how to produce bath bombs, essential oils, dried flowers soap, exfoliating body scrubs, bath salts and facial and hair masks, in a total of 21 experiments. Furthermore children can develop perfumes and obtain massage oils, rose tonics, make perfumed paintings and other 10 experiments with the Perfume Factory. The Soap Factory explains about the creation of fantastic scented soaps in different colours and shapes.

The Cooking Science kit includes a total of 70 tasty and entertaining scientific experiments that evidence the similarities between a scientist and a chef. Little scientists will learn about the chemical reactions behind our meals and how to bake pizzas, cottage cheese, chocolate muffins, instant ice cream, gums and so much more.

The toys from the “Games & Puzzles” collection are designed to expand skills, essentially vocabulary and creativity. The 3D wooden puzzles Butterfly, Skeleton, T-Rex or Triceratops include as well a gouache set to colour them and an educational book about the subject.

The “Build & Play” collection aims to improve your cognitive and motor abilities while learning about a variety of subjects. The Excavations toys bring up the archaeologist in little kids and instruct them about dinosaurs, gems and excavation techniques.

The “EcoScience” collection includes the Ecological Greenhouse, My First Garden and Solar Plane. These toys were shaped to arouse children's curiosity about sustainability, ecological matters, environment and renewable energies.

Science4you toys are not specifically for little ones but for older as well. They intend to provide quality moments between children and parents.

So hurry up, there's still time for last (but not least) minute xmas shopping!


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