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Science4you develops, produces and commercializes scientific and educational toys to children. Our products stand out from competition because each single toy brings an educational book or e-book, making it possible to provide not just a toy but knowledge and scientific information as well.

Our mission is to captivate children and the community for the daily questions of Science and the company’s vision is to improve education standards in society by developing toys and games that enable children to learn while playing. We work for children between 3 and 12 years old, these are the ages in which they are still acquiring skills and kownledge, building their character/identity and, especially, experiencing their surrounding world.

Science4you product enables unique interaction with experiments adjusted to their needs and capabilities, depending on their ages; fun; knowledge; different range of toys and games, education. Science4you it is focused in its internalisation with two subsidiaries, in Spain and UK, and exporting to over 24 countries, such as: Brasil, Angola, Poland, USA, France, Italy and more.

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