Earth Day

Every year Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd april and today we want to explain it to you how this date became important and what’s the meaning behind it!

Earth Day

What started as a college thing – with multiple demonstrations and protests to raise awareness to environmental issues – ended up becoming a worldwide event!

Earth Day was implemented for the first time on the 22nd april of 1970 by then US Senator Gaylor Nelson, who aimed to start a discussion on environmental issues afecting our planet like pollution, biodiversity preservation and other matters related with Earth’s wellbeing. 

Although it started in the USA, this day started becoming relevant to other countries and it spread out to the rest of the world until it was officially recognised by the UN (United Nations), in 1990. 

Today, this date continues to serve its purpose of raising awareness to the world population about environmental issues that are increasingly impacting our daily lives and the lives of all living things. 


Some facts about our planet:

  • Planet Earth is the third closest to the Sun, the densest and the 5th biggest of the eight planets in the Solar System.
  • Earth is also known as the World and Blue Marble because of its blue colour, that comes from the fact that 71% of its surface is covered by oceans of salty water (the rest is composed by continents and islands, on which there are lakes and others bodies of water that contribute to the hydrosphere)
  • Our planet is the only celestial body where life exists (for all we know)
  • Earth only has one natural satellite: the Moon


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