Who painted the sky with green and red?

…find out what the Polar Light is!

An aurora, also known as Polar Light, is a natural light display in the sky, primarily seen at the northern or southern poles of our planet (Arctic and Antarctic). But how does this phenomenon even happen? Well, what if we say the fault is in the Sun?
The Sun is always letting out a continuous belch that throws out particles (mostly electrons and protons) with lots of energy from its surface - this is called the Solar Wind and planet Earth happens to be in the path of it. When these Solar Winds hit the Earth’s atmosphere they create an optical phenomenon in the form of light of varying colours (green, red or blue). But because of our planets’ magnetic field you can only witness these amazing lights in the Polar Regions.

The ones that occur in the Northern Hemisphere are called Aurora Borealis (name given by Galileo Galilei) and in the Southern Hemisphere they got the name of Aurora Australis (James Cook was the author). But you can just call them the Northern or Southern lights!

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