Experiment at home: Lemon Battery

Did you know you can make a lemon battery and make light out of it?
We’ll tell how!

Things you’ll need:
1 Lemon
1 Knife
1 LED light bulb (or 1 voltmeter)
1 Copper plate (you can use a copper coin if you rub it with steel wool)
1 Zinc plate (you can use a zinc nail if you rub it with steel wool)
2 Electrical wires with crocodile clips (or two copper wires)

1. Begin by making two small cuts in the lemon peel and put the copper plate in one and the zinc plate in the other (the plates should not touch each other);
2. Attach the two ends of the wires to each plate and the other two ends to the light bulb;
3. See how the light bulb lights up! If you are using a voltmeter you can see how much energy is being produced

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