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Who we are

Science4you is an innovative European company that develops, produces and sells award-winning educational and scientific toys.
Why choose to buy Science4you kits?
Science4you’s mission is to raise children’s Science awareness by showing them how it can be used on the daily life with our Science Kits. Through play and didactic toys, children will develop different cognitive skills. Science4you develops Educational Science toys that combine fun with real-world education by fostering curiosity and experimentation. Children will have lots of fun playing with parents and friends while learning about different scientific areas such as: chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, among many other fields. All with our Science Kits.
Science4you Science Toys - What they are
Each of Science4you’s educational toys comes with an educational book, with scientific based content dedicated to different areas of school curriculums. The content of the books are all based on scientific studies and they all have fun, exciting and easy to make experiments so that children can play while learning.
Online Science Toy Store
We invite you to browse the collections of Science kits made available by Science4you in the United Kingdom. Please check this website often, since we update categories and add new toys frequently.
Where to get our Science4you science toys
Click on any category to find out what toys are available. You can buy them online on our Amazon Store  without leaving the convenience of your home. Here you can find science toys and science kits
Why you should play with Science4you science toys
When you play with Science4you Science Toys you are "Learning While You Play". So it's never late to start playing and learning with our Educational Science Kits! 


What do you know about the summer solstice?

June 21, 2017

What is the summer solstice? When? And why it is celebrated in some places? We want you to know more about the upcoming event. Not much people know that summer solstice is celebrated as a ritual or a high important event in some countries, but it is actually. In fact, a crowd of people usually gather around Stonehenge to see the sunrise and celebrate that days begin soon to shorten again.   What exactly is the summer solstice? It occurs in midsummer, when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is most aligned with the Sun. It provides much sunlight than in any other day of the year to the North Hemisphere, what means is the longest day! What from here?...

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